Ranerhof - Urlaub auf dem Bio-Bauernhof in Innichen

Farm Holidays in San Candido
Alta Pusteria - Alto Adige
South Tyrol

In this region, farming mostly includes dairy farming. Our farm is no exception.

In the year 2000 we decided to engage in ecological farming. This meant that we had to restructure our entire farm in order to be able to do organic dairy farmig following the mother cow principle.

In the year 2006, we finished construction of our new stables. It was important to us to give the cattle the space they need to feel comfortable and to live together as a herd.


Our cattle
On average there are ten mother cows with their calves and one bull living on our farm. At the moment we have a variegated mix of races including “Pinzgauer”, “Limousine” and “Murbodner”. Our focus is on the preservation of the regional races, some of which are near extinct.
The Tyrolean chicken
As part of our collaboration with the organization “pro Patrimonio Montano”, we took on the task of breeding chicken from the race “Neutiroler” beginning in 2013. This race is a backbreed of the already extinct original Tyrolean chicken. Characteristical for this breed is its ability to adapt to and thrive in the rough alpine climate as well as its ability to find food. The first chicks hatched in 2014, which greatly reassured us in our work.

What exactly is ecological farming and the “Bioland” standard?
Up till the year 2004, our farm was a typical alpine farm in every sense: we had 8-9 milk cows in our stables (constructed in 1928) and sold our milk to the local dairy. We kept some of the female calves to ourself for further breeding and sold the rest to the cattle dealer. Most of our profit was made from sideline activities at that time.

Once we had decided, that there had to be a more fulfilling way of running our farm, we started to look for alternatives. To us it was important to focus on sustainable and fair production of healthy food. The wellbeing of our animals was a key factor to us. We found our new way in the concept of mother cow farming. With the help of the organization “Bioland”, we restructured our entire production as the construction of our new stables took place and began to market our products directly to the consumers. Since 2006 our farm is an officially certified “Bioland”-farm. Our farm was the first farm in San Candido to receive this status and thereby the first farm in San Candido to produce entirely according to the strict rules of ecological farming with regular controls by the organization.

In the years 2010-2013, we started selling our meat in the weekly farmers market in Brunico. Since that time, we sell all our products directly through our farmstead shop. We continuously sought to widen our product range, which led to the range we can proudly offer you today. Apart from meat, we now also sell Jam, Syrup, flavoured salts, liquor and wellness products like our hay pillows and handmade soap.

Our animals on the Raner farm
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